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Do you have a project, initiative, or technical issues that you would like some external assistance with? 

Tequate have helped some of the biggest names in the Broadcast industry, to provide mission critical technical expertise, as well as business case knowledge for their strategic decision makers. 

If your technical community, or commercial leadership, need assistance to get up to speed on the rapidly evolving technical and commercial landscape then our experts can provide them with the knowledge to accelerate project timelines, and solve complex problems. 

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Who have we worked with?

Our Experience

We work with global players and niche operators in the IP Broadcast, Converged Services and Telco Cloud ecosystem from telco and broadcast service providers, vendors, connectivity providers, specialist services to those industries, integrators, consultant engineering, and every conceivable operator within these ecosystems.  

With close to decades of experience as a Training Consultant, Tequate Director James McDonnell, has worked with a multitude of well known and some niche operators in this space – having designed everything from a single event, to multi platform in house training programs for clients, including the following. 

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Demystifying and Monetising IPTV and OTT
  • IP Interoperability technologies (SMPTE 2110)
  • Codecs and Standards: (AV1/VP9, JPEG-XS, H.266-VVC, DVB-I/NIP)
  • Cloud Migration Planning and Execution for Broadcast
  • Codecs and Standards: (AV1/VP9, JPEG-XS, H.266-VVC, DVB-I/NIP)
  • UHDTV, HDR AND NGA troubleshooting
  • Security Essentials for Broadcast Networks
  • Developments in CDN Technology
  • EPG and UX design
  • HBBTV Implementation and player technologies
  • Ad Insertion and Addressable Advertising
  • 5G for Production and Distribution
  • AWS Tools for Broadcast Engineering
  • DevOps AI and ML implementation in Broadcast Workflows
  • Device Cybersecurity, ETSI EN 303-645

Why customised training?

Start building your own bespoke knowledge solution today!


Learning objectives can be tied to your chosen real-world scenarios, helping your teams apply their new knowledge more readily.


Your key stakeholders engage with the learning or consultancy solution, crucial for maximising learning effectiveness.


A customised learning solution embodies the elements of your company's strategies, and how your technology platforms are configured making it unique to your organisation.


Your audience is able to remove less relevant elements, and add detail to more important ones greatly enhancing relevance, and return on time and budget investment.


Solutions are delivered to an audience at a time that best suits your organisations calendar.


Delivery is adaptable, with instructors being able to take away feedback from one day or one session of training, and use it to enhance current and future deliveries.


You choose the delivery setting, whether live remote, in class or hybrid - that suits your audience.


Customised live group training generally has a much lower price point per delegate, than attending a public event.

Tequate’s team of highly experienced and knowledgeable subject matter experts, across a range of technologies and disciplines - IP Broadcast, Cloud and Softwarisation, 5G&IoT, and Optical Transport, Devops and Agile - All have decades of experience not just as consultants in their respective field, but also working with clients to help identify the correct areas of focus.

Tailored Knowledge Solutions, that meet your precise objectives!

Let us help you build a unique knowledge program, based on your unique use cases, solutions and internal workflows.

Whatever you require expert knowledge on, via training or consultancy, - IP Broadcast, 5G/IoT, Optical Transport, Cloud and Softwarisation, or DevOps tools and Agile to facilitate technological change - we have expertise to deliver.

How We Work?


Every client and their teams are different, with unique requirements. We work with you to help identify areas where training or consultancy can provide crucial knowledge. Our delivery begins with exhaustive discussion with key stakeholders, to provide highly customised training and consultancy solutions based on real world problems.


Our business is built on excellence, and providing ROI for our clients, we always put the right trainer or consultant for job forward. We are highly flexible, offering live in situ, live remote or hybrid training and offer access to cloud based recordings of your event to all participants following delivery.


Post delivery, our online evaluation platform allows us to gather feedback from the delivery, both score based, as well as comments from delegates to enable us to produce a detailed report that allows stakeholders to provide evidence of ROI, for attendees to give their perspective.

How we deliver?

Our delivery methods

Here at Tequate, we are flexible in our delivery methods, we will work with you to enable you to get the maximum from your course, whilst face to face training,  remains the gold standard, especially for technical hands on training, we are expert in remote delivery also. 

Live On-Premises​

We come to your site (or another site agreed by both parties) and the instructor delivers in person – beneficial for highly technical hands on courses.


Wherever possible we can provide cloud hosted recordings of your event, for attendees to review content and potentially for others to view course later.


Deliver on premises, but using AV equipment and delivery platform for mixed live/remote audience. Requires room for AV setup and connectivity. Can be used for technical or non technical. This is often preferred for highly technical courses with hands on elements.

Live Virtual

We deliver the course live over an agreed virtual platform, - zoom recommended, but teams or others also possible. Can be used for all courses, technical or non technical.This is often preferred for highly technical courses with hands on elements

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