Learn about 5G, IoT & Edge Technologies and Models

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Telco Training & Consultancy​

The Challenge

The importance of wireless telecommunications has never been greater. The propagation of full-fat 5G networks, will usher in not just unheard of speeds, but will also allow the connection of billions of devices and hundreds of millions of people. Always on and almost zero-latency connectivity, will allow for the creation of many as yet unimagined new services and products, and create new business opportunities for those companies who leverage the unique characteristics of this new technology.

The eventual full convergence of wireless and fixed networks, will mean that for the first time, cellular technology will affect every conceivable class of technology business.
Tequate can provide expert tuition and consultancy on these new technologies and the commercial opportunities presented by these new paradigms

Learn about 5G, IoT & Edge

We build bespoke training and consultancy solutions to solve technical and commercial challenges within the arena of 21st Century cellular communication technologies.

Commercial & Non Technical Courses

√ 5G Future industries and use cases
√ 5G Technology and future applications
√ 5G Vertical technology and commercial challenges
√ 5G Lexicon and concepts
√ 5G Key Concepts for non technical staff
√ 5G For Executives

Technical Fundamentals

√ LTE Network fundamental technologies
√ 5G Core Network Topology
√ 5G Radio Access Networks
√ 5G Architectural System Design Concepts
√ 5G NR (New Radio)
√ 5G Deployment and Numerologies
√ ORAN (Open Ran)
√ 5G IoT Fundamental Technologies
√ WiFi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) & WiFi 6E deployment
√ Bluetooth Technology: Technical Overview and uses cases
√ WPAN-IEEE 802.15.4 & ZigBee
√ Technical specifications and deployment

Technical Advanced

√ 5G Public Private Network integration
√ 5G Mec and Cloud Edge
√ 5G Devices – eSIM – Iot Equipment
√ 5G Verticals technical considerations
√ 5G Volte
√ IMS, SIP and SDN
√ Network Slicing in 5G
√ Satellite IoT
√ Cellular LWAN and M2M

Our Instructors

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Very good three days. The instructor was clearly a subject matter expert, and took the effort to develop materials on virtualization and disaggregation models. Very professional.
Sales Engineering Director
The instructor was an excellent with a wealth of experience, although I worked in GPON for some time I did get many new insights.
Senior Sales Engineer
Take a bow for delivering the content. We appreciate this is difficult and not as easy as being in person F2F. Thank you. It was delivered very well.
Regional VP
Excellent and highly relevant training subjects, thanks.
Technical and Sales Account Manager
We appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to put this course together. Thanks!
Director Technical Services
Thanks that was a great in depth training session.
Sales Engineer - Home Business

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