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The Challenge

The concepts of Agile and DevOps are amongst the newest in the Telco Cloud space – Agile is barely more than 20 years old, but in that time, it’s gone from a term known only to a handful of key development staff, exploring this new paradigm, to a methodology applied across silos in businesses from enterprise to global telcos, to allow for increased efficiencies and flexibility.

DevOps , came even later, around 2006, emerging from Agile Methodology, whilst also having it’s roots in industry automation, from which it borrowed some of it’s philosophy.

Agile can be thought of as an all-encompassing methodology is a project management approach that involves breaking the project into phases and emphasizes continuous collaboration and improvement. Teams follow a cycle of planning, executing, and evaluating.

for cross team interaction, to produce efficient and timely outputs – whilst DevOps is a culture and a constellation of tools to enable it.

The increasingly iterative nature of deployments within Enterprise IT and Telco, and the requirement for teams of varying disciplines to work together harmoniously and efficiently, in response to an ever more elastic and iterative workload, means that the need for DevOps and Agile skills, has permeated beyond the world of software development, with the principles being applied in many different silos.

Our subject matter experts can guide you through the key principles, methods of application, and the key tools you need to understand in order to implement these new working practices across your organisation, to manage continual change.

Learn about DevOps & Agile

We build bespoke training and consultancy solutions to solve technical and commercial challenges within the arena of DevOps, CICD And Agile Methodology, see below for information on topics we cover.

Agile Methodology

√ CI/CD principles
√ Agile and DevOps
√ Explaining Agile Principles
√ Certified Scrum Master
√ Scrum for product owners
√ Scrum for Stake Holders
√ Delivering Azure projects with Scrum
√ Azure Test Planning
√ Assuring Quality with Azure Test Plans
√ Azure board product management
√ Kanban and Azure
√ Visual Studio Unit Testing
√ Wow Agile Master
√ Safe Agile Fundamentals

DevOps Tools

Key DevOps principles
√ DevOps, CICD and Agile
√ AWS Devops
√ Azure DevOps
√ Introduction to GIT
√ Shell scripting for DevOps
√ VB Scripting
√ Advanced Visual Basic
√ Azure Repos
√ Azure unit testing
√ Azure DevOps
√ Introduction to key DevOps tools
√ Docker Fundamentals
√ Kubernetes Fundamentals
√ Ansible Fundamentals
√ Jenkins Fundamentals
√ Team City Fundamentals
√ Openshift fundamentals
√ Opendaylight Fundamentals
√ Terraform Fundamentals
√ Utilising Python for DevOps
√ Puppet
√ Chef

Databases & Web Monitoring

√ Introduction to SQL
√ SQL Foundation
√ NoSQL Databases
√ Maria DB for Developers
√ Maria DB Database Admin
√ Maria DB Performance and tuning
√ Elasticsearch
√ Introduction Elk Stack
√ Elk Stack Foundation
√ Mongo DB
√ HTML Foundation
√ HTML5 Foundation
√ J-Query Overview
√ PHP Overview
√ Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Our Instructors

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Very good three days. The instructor was clearly a subject matter expert, and took the effort to develop materials on virtualization and disaggregation models. Very professional.
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The instructor was an excellent with a wealth of experience, although I worked in GPON for some time I did get many new insights.
Senior Sales Engineer
Take a bow for delivering the content. We appreciate this is difficult and not as easy as being in person F2F. Thank you. It was delivered very well.
Regional VP
Excellent and highly relevant training subjects, thanks.
Technical and Sales Account Manager
We appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to put this course together. Thanks!
Director Technical Services
Thanks that was a great in depth training session.
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