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The Challenge

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ was coined in 1993, and it is a term that in modern telecommunications can carry many different meanings. In the last 10 years, Cloudification and Softwarisation of what were previously hardware-based networks, full of boxes and cables, has transformed the industry.

Ever increasing need for sending large amounts of data over networks, has driven the need for cost-effective scalable and rapidly actuated network capacity, whilst also maintaining low latency.

Exponential growth of access to video content for fixed line and mobile networks, is increasing demands on operators, service providers and carriers – for whom the old, fixed models of storage and access are no longer fit for purpose.

This requires new skillsets within leadership units, and technical teams. Software Defined Networks, and NFV, have necessitated experienced Network Engineers and Architects to learn entirely new sets of skills incorporating scripting and programming languages into their suite of knowledge – whilst strategic decision makers must be cognizant of the implications of when and how to move to cloud-based solutions and guarantee QoS.

Tequate can help you unpick the complexities of cloud deployments and train your staff to give them the skills to implement and troubleshoot the cloud.

Learn about Cloud & Virtualisation

We build bespoke training and consultancy solutions to solve technical and commercial challenges within the arena of Cloud, software defined networks and NFV, see below for information on topics we cover.

Cloud Concepts

√ What is cloud architecture?
√ Cloud use Cases
√ Virtual Private Clouds
√ Data Centre Architectures
√ Cloud Service Models
√ Cloud Security Concepts
√ AWS Fundamentals
√ Azure Development
√ Infrastructure as Code
√ Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
√ Software as a Service (SAAS)
√ Platform as a Service (PAAS)
√ SOAP and RESTful Services
√ Blobs, queues and tables
√ AutoScaling Load Balancing and Elasticity
√ Relational and NoSQL Databases as a service


√ SDN Definitions
√ SDN Market Drivers and cost benefits
√ Network Troubleshooting
√ Network slicing applications
√ SDN Network Evolution
√ Cisco, Juniper, HPE, Vmware SDN Solutions
√ Data plane and Control Plane
√ Common SDN Orchestration Tools
√ 5G Network architecture, RAN Cloud
√ Converged SDN Transport
√ Intelligent Peering
√ Routed Optical Networking
√ SDN Telco Cloud
√ Netcong and Yang
√ ITU G.8031/G.8032
√ NFV Layer 2 Basics
√ Bash Modification
√ Linux Bridges
√ Openswitch/Opendaylight/Openflow
√ Netconf and Yang
√ SDN Controller Environment
√ REST Api
√ NFV Overview
√ Network virtualisation
√ NFV Layered architecture
√ NFV framework – VNF, EMS, NFVI, OSS
√ Management and orchestration (MANO)
√ Element Management
√ Distributed NFV infrastructure
√ Cloud Computing applications
√ SDN&NFv Industry Trends & Predictions

Scripting & Tools

√ Linux Command Shell
√ Linux Shell Scripting
√ Red Hat Fundamentals
√ Red Hat Advanced
√ Intro to Java
√ Java Fundamentals
√ Java Programming for Android
√ Java Persistence for JPA
√ Enterprise Spring and Spring Boot Development
√ C Fundamentals
√ C Programming for experienced programmers
√ C++ Programming
√ Advanced C++ Programming
√ C# Programming
√ Ruby on Rails
√ Ruby Programming

Our Instructors

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Very good three days. The instructor was clearly a subject matter expert, and took the effort to develop materials on virtualization and disaggregation models. Very professional.
Sales Engineering Director
The instructor was an excellent with a wealth of experience, although I worked in GPON for some time I did get many new insights.
Senior Sales Engineer
Take a bow for delivering the content. We appreciate this is difficult and not as easy as being in person F2F. Thank you. It was delivered very well.
Regional VP
Excellent and highly relevant training subjects, thanks.
Technical and Sales Account Manager
We appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to put this course together. Thanks!
Director Technical Services
Thanks that was a great in depth training session.
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