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The Challenge

Broadcast is undergoing a seismic change – distribution and streaming of content over IP networks, once a niche offering, has now become a ubiquitous global service, with Video content now considered an essential part of the offering as part of quadruple-play services. 

Insatiable demand for content that can be accessed on demand, anywhere and on any device, through a variety of platforms, is driving change. The advent of 5G proliferation will exponentially increase speeds and capacity, but also expectation from the consumer, and in turn place new demands on broadcasters, manufacturers, streaming service providers, carriers, and every single company that supports the IPTV and OTT ecosystem. 

Cloud storage and distribution will increasingly be part of the solution, and network softwarisation will in turn change the requirements for the skillsets of engineers involved in various parts of the IP Networks that facilitate the modern video content storage and delivery mechanisms. 

Tequate can provide expert tuition and consultancy to help understand the new paradigms.

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We build bespoke training and consultancy programs to solve commercial and technological IPTV and OTT challenges on these topics and many more.

Commercial & Non Technical

√ Monetizing IPTV&OTT
√ Creating FAST Channels
√ Audience Analytics and Measurement
√ Cloud v OnPrem Considerations
√ Addressable Advertising
√ Dynamic Ad Insertion
√ Key Technology Concepts in IP Broadcast
√ OTT Delivery
√ Live TV Technical Challenges
√ Security and Content Protection
√ Old world and New World Broadcasting
√ EPG – User experience design
√ IP Broadcast Workflow analysis
√ DevOps and Agile in Broadcast
√ Monetizing vendor solutions
√ Workflow planning, analysis and troubleshooting
√ Facility and infrastructure design, planning and troubleshooting
√ Change management
√ Cloud Native Technologies overview

Technical Theoretical

√ Layer 2 – Layer 3 Networks
√ Encoding & Transport Protocols
√ Cloud Streaming Concepts
√ IP Fundamentals for Broadcast
√ SDI Fundamentals
√ Ingestion and Contribution
√ Unicast and Multicast
√ Implementing Low Latency
√ Content Delivery Networks
√ Colour and Pixel, Aspect ratios
√ UHDTV, HDR Next-Gen Audio
√ Dolby ATMOS
√ Broadcast Fundamentals for IP
√ EME and SME Player Technologies
√ Security and Content Protection Principles
√ File based workflow and media asset management

Hands On Core Technologies

√ Adaptive Bitrate
√ HLS & Smooth Streaming
√ SMPTE 2022 VS SMPTE 2110
√ PTP - Boundary and Transparent Clocks
√ CMAF for live broadcast
√ Rist, SRT, Zixi
√ AV1 and VP9 Implementation
√ DOCSIS 4.0
√ Docker and Kubernetes
√ Containerisation
√ Ansible and Jenkins
√ UHDTV HDR & NGA Troubleshooting
√ HBBTV Application Development
√ Creating API’s for Vendor Integration

Our Instructors

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Very good three days. The instructor was clearly a subject matter expert, and took the effort to develop materials on virtualization and disaggregation models. Very professional.
Sales Engineering Director
The instructor was an excellent with a wealth of experience, although I worked in GPON for some time I did get many new insights.
Senior Sales Engineer
Take a bow for delivering the content. We appreciate this is difficult and not as easy as being in person F2F. Thank you. It was delivered very well.
Regional VP
Excellent and highly relevant training subjects, thanks.
Technical and Sales Account Manager
We appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to put this course together. Thanks!
Director Technical Services
Thanks that was a great in depth training session.
Sales Engineer - Home Business

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