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The Challenge

Formerly network traffic was about voice calls carried over circuit-based networks in a predictable tied network connection between pairs of endpoints. Now most network traffic is packet-based, generated by many services and applications in unpredictable traffic patterns, with widely varying and more stringent demands on bandwidth and data transmission performance.


The a rapid increase in the explosion of digital traffic, driven by mobile applications, multimedia services, social media, cloud computing, and VOIP services and now the proliferation of 5G Networks means that demands for ever increasing low-latency capacity has never been greater, and is growing rapidly.

With billions of IoT enabled devices predicted to come online, not just in homes, but within industry, agrochemical, health, automotive, mass transit, and almost every conceivable business serving both B2B and B2C markets, the need for rapid, reliable and failsafe connectivity for backaul and fronthaul to serve localized data demands will rise dramatically.

All of this inevitably expands the need for Optical transport technology, In addition the need for increased capacity in carrier passive optical networks, (XGPON) and a greater need to deploy fibre to the home and premises (FTTX) – Ethernet technology is also evolving, as the speeds attainable over traditional ethernet cable technology are increasing from 10MBPS in 1983, to Gigabit Ethernet in 1998, – With the development of optical interfaces Ethernet can extend its range into carrier systems and can run at 10Gigabits, 100Gigabits and perhaps eventually up to 1 Terabit per second.

Our subject matter experts can instruct or consult on all levels of the technologies which underpin 21st century optical transport networks.

Learn about Optical Transport Technologies including FTTx, xGPON & Fast Ethernet

We build bespoke training and consultancy solutions to solve technical and commercial challenges within the arena of Optical Transport Networking.

Optical Transport Concepts

√ Optical Signal principles
√ OSI 7 Layer model
√ Optical Transport Physical Infrastructure
√ Fibre vs Copper
√ The OTN hierarchy
√ G.709, OTN interface structure
√ Multimode Fibre (MMF)
√ SDH Overview
√ Multiplexing concepts
√ Optical Transceivers, Amplifiers
√ Multiplexers, and Switches
√ WDM Fundamentals
√ EPT Interface and key Terminology
√ SWDM Nodes and Alarms
√ DWDM / ITU G.694.1
√ Pon Variants
√ Wave Division Multiplexing
√ 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Ggps, 100Gbps

Optical Transport Planning & Design

√ Useful terms and technologies
√ Fibre Safety Brief
√ Fibre Handling Cleaning and Inspection
√ Fibre Properties – Brillouin Scatter, Raman Scattering
√ Tuneable Lasers, Pin Diode Lasers
√ ITU-T Grid
√ ESD Precautions
√ Why DWDM?
√ DWDM Technical Concepts
√ DWDM Disaster Recovery
√ Latest Optical Developments
√ OTN/STM-256/OC
√ 768/ASON
√ GPON issues and standards
√ Network peculiarities
√ Dark Fibre
√ Optical numerologies
√ Amplification and losses
√ Long Haul and Metro Scenarios
√ Optical planning hand on exercises
√ Optical backhaul and fronthaul
√ Optical networks and 5G
√ Estimating current and future optical service demand
√ Time division and customer services
√ SONET and SDH comparisons
√ SDH: STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 and higher rates
√ Selecting Appropriate OTN Servers to Match Customer Needs
√ Optical fast ethernet developments

Next-Gen Optical Transport

√ Headend and Network Elements OLT-ONT
√ Optical Broadband Network Gateways
√ Virtualised PON infrastructure for BBF and ONF
√ Optical Circuit provisioning and Bandwidth considerations
√ Reference Access Network Architecture
√ XG-PON with G-PON through WDM1r / WDM1r Example
√ G-PON and XG-PON Wavelength allocation
√ Co-existence of G-PON and XG-PON with video overlay option
√ XGPON Migration scenarios
√ XGS-PON Encapsulation Method (XGEM)
√ XGTC adaptation sublayer / XGTC framing sublayer protocol stack
√ Status reporting DBA (SR-DBA) & Traffic monitoring DBA (TM-DBA)
√ Scheduling architecture for extended bandwidth assignment model
√ PLOAM Messages / Alarm Messages
√ Downstream FEC and Upstream FEC
√ GPON ITU-T G.9807.2 Reach Extension 
√ Cloud-based Disaggregated and Virtualisation Options 
√ Virtualisation and Containerisation options
√ Disaggregated FTTx, MicroOLT, vOLT Architecture
√ Disaggregating BNG: vSG and vRouter
√ ONF SEBA vs BBF Cloud Central Office
√ Evolution to NGN
√ Next Generation Infrastructures
√ Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge (PWE3)
√ PWE3 over MPLS
√ Disaggregation case studies – cases for and against
√ GPON in rail signalling systems

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Learn more aboutOptical Transport Technologies including FTTx, xGPON & Fast Ethernet

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